About Us

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My name is Patricia, and I am the Creator/Founder of PolishedByP, a Latina-owned nail polish brand based in New York.

During a time of uncertainty and panic for many due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I received a push from God to begin my journey in polish. Established in 2020, I created PolishedByP out of my love for discovering high quality nail lacquer for natural and acrylic nails. This brand is a representation of myself and the people that I love who inspire me daily.

Each nail lacquer by PolishedByP is hand mixed in small batches and “Made with Love and Intention”. My inspiration for creating each color comes from my love of music, and spirituality. I feel the most fulfilled when I create colors in an organic and safe space, which heals me spiritually.

When you purchase our nail lacquers, you are purchasing a vibe, a mood, and a story. The colors, and the PolishedByP brand are a representation of myself and a reflection of my creative journey. They are vibrant, yet subtle. Set the vibe, light a candle, and transport yourself one brush stroke at a time.

PolishedByP is an inclusive and diverse brand that intentionally creates shades and colors for all skin tones.

Certified by PETA, PolishedByP is completely vegan, cruelty free and free of any harmful chemicals.  

Please visit the FAQ page for any questions you may have. Should you not find the answer to your question/s, please email us at info@polishedbypny.com.

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