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Our crystal glass nail files are made from Czech tempered glass. Czech Republic has always been one of the most leading countries in glass production and we wanted to make sure to offer the best product to our customers. We opted to make these with a rounded end to promote safety when using and as well when you travel.

Glass files are better for your nails, sealing the keratin layers together at the edge of the nails and minimizing chipping. Our glass nail files are easy to clean. All you need is soap and water! How simple is that?

Glass nail files work well both with natural and artificial nails. It is suggested to dip it in water from time to time when filing faux nails.
Expect a smooth, 5-star manicure every time you file your nails with our glass file.

These crystal files are full-sized at 135 mm (5.3 inches) inches long and 2 mm thick and come in a black velvet sleeve. 

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